VTS provides unified solution for all our vehicle needs of Commercial Tax Department's Sachal Dal units. Through this implemented GPS tracking system, we are able to get information about vehicle's current location, travelled journey, get notification and many more services related to vehicle's security.

A unified threat management (UTM) system is a type of network hardware appliance that protects our infrastructure at network gateway level from security threats in a simplified way by combining and integrating multiple security services and features. This also helps to protect networks against combined security threats, including malware and attacks that simultaneously target separate parts of the network.
Network monitoring system (NMS) is an application or set of applications that lets network administrator to manage network devices and components inside our network. NMS is getting use to monitor both software and hardware components of the GSTN CTD network. It usually records data from a network's remote points to carry out central reporting to a Network administrator. The key benefit of NMS is that it permits Network admin to monitor or manage their entire network operations using a central management console.